Monday, March 24, 2008

Hamlet D.J

Ophelia & Polonius:

Ophelia is Polonius's daughter. Polonius seems mean to Ophelia because he accuses her about the news between her and Hamlet being true than she isn't restraining herself and so he asks "give me up the truth"(98) Ophelia says that Hamlet offered a lot of affection to her and Polonius says "Affection! Pooh, you speak like a green girl, unsifted in such perilous circumstances " (101-102). He seems to mock her by saying affection and that she's not a little girl who doesn't understand the way of the world. He even tells her to "think yourself a baby" for believing in the offer. And though Polonius is temperamental and Ophelia is obedient because she listens to what he says. Polonius is unreasonable because he didn't have anything to back it up but only use his feeling to express why she should leave Hamlet.

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Jessica S. 6 said...

I like this d.j. because it shows the relationship between Ophelia and Polonius and how Polonius is mean to Ophelia.