Thursday, April 3, 2008

Myth and the Modern World Test

In Passage one, relates to the modernist thinking because it describes the improvement of life in finding the truth. The first passage basically talks about two roads one of which we achieve our goal which when leaving it would leave us in "endless despair". The second road is one where it's unpredictable, like how do we know if this road will lead us to where we want to get to. Sometimes "perhaps never and we drift in doubt" which describes The Stranger by Albert Camus, where Meursault basically describes live through life without any hopes or ambition, but the idea that Camus use of absurdity where in the end Meursault is in jail and realizes the truth about his life. That is the "inconceivably beautiful diversity". Which is the steps and experiences that it takes to get to the meaning or goals. Modernist thinkers are progressive thinkers, their purpose was to improve, control, reshape the meaning of life. the re-examine every aspect of life. So the steps that Meursault takes is the progression of his life.
In the passage where it says the "inconceivably beautiful diversity" also describes Aristotles definition of tragedy, it means to arouse pity to the audience with a purged or cleanse. And in Borge case he says "Blindness has not been a total misfortune; it should not be a pathetic way of living, it should be a way of living". Which basically means that, although blindness is the experience that he's faced along the way but that obstacle leads him to create his own literary world of mythology. "The accomplishment of hopes remains an always unexpected miracle" means that getting to that goal is always unpredictable, but leading into the ending of the passage that "in compensation, the miracle remains forever possible". In other words, yes the miracle is unexpected and you won't know when you'll ever reach it but in contrast to that the miracle will always be there. For example in " The Myth of Sisyphus, Camus says that Sisyphus punishment is to ceaselessly roll rocks over hills but for some strange reason the gods thinks that its a futile punishment. But the moments that Sisyphus roll the rocks over the hill he has the hope that one day his punishment will end which is that unexpected miracle but that miracle will be possible in his mind.
In conclusion modernism is all about the improvement, control and reshaping life. Its all about re-examining every aspect. The steps obstacles that every character of the text face is the improvement steps of achieving or finding the meaning of life, like modernism.

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